Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Streets Special Editions

We anticipate that these Special Editions are going to become a very important part of our ongoing contribution to the worldwide sustainability agenda. In each case the Special Edition will be framed around a specific geographic area, strategy, mode, technology, or other.

World Streets Special City Editions will focus on showing how a given city, normally leading but also from time to time lagging, is approaching the challenge of greening its transportation system, step-by-step. The basic analytic template which we intend to use will draw on the experience we have developed over the last several years in our Greening of Transport in Paris series, which you can check out at . (The idea being to zero in on at the most a handful (say four or five) of key policies and projects, each of which breaks the pattern and which interact with each other to create the basic robust fulcrum needed to support system change from old to new mobility is one that we think will be worth pursuing in these cases.)

The special editions will be handled on a collaborative basis with local contributors or experts coming in with guidance, specific materials, portions of text, and editorial and other assistance, including in some cases the appointment of a well-positioned, authoritative and neutral co-editor to help get the job done. We would hope that city editions will be prepared with the support of the concerned local institutions, but with the understanding that our analysis and conclusions will be our own.

This total neutrality of our position on all these issues is important and something that we have defended vigorously in all our work over these years. World Streets provides an authoritative independent view of leading edge developments in our sector, worldwide. The special editions will be prepared in exactly this same spirit.

In order to help us form up these ideas we invited you to scroll down to the comments link the base of this entry where you can share with us all your candidates for future projects or other ideas you might have on the subject.

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World Streets

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