Sunday, January 11, 2009


To give our visitors a feel for the breath of coverage and potential of these new and freely available communications tools, we present here several small "video bars" each of which selects at random and in rotation for clips from the various sources and topic categories. We have selected the following, each of which you can pick up toward the middle of the left bar menu:

Streetfilms Videos: Very interesting and in many ways leading the way, these are videos called up from random from the full selection which you can pick up at the main Streetfilms address at You will note that we occasionally pick up some of their offerings to share with the readers of World Streets. Thanks Streetfilms.

New Mobility Videos: Called up at random from our stock of going on one hundred videos recorded and selected over the last several years is in support of various aspects of the New Mobility Agenda and its various programs. For additional information on other films and videos, you are invited to go to

Sustainable cities: Nothing more, nothing less than a call up from YouTube of what they have in stock under this important heading.

Brainfood: Clips and extracts of talks and presentations by some of the most challenging thinkers and practitioners in the sustainable transportation field. Not intended to be comprehensive.

* * *

Have any clips that you would like to share with World Streets? Send us a note via and we will be glad to have a look and see if it would be a good subject for a posting. Thanks.

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