Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Streets Search

World Streets three-level search engine -- just to your left on the menu.

This handy tool gives you three levels of search choices, for locating present or past postings, and for reaching beyond the contents of World Streets out into Internet sources which you may find useful to extend some of the points or projects reported on here.

Search World Streets: This one calls up via Google all current and past entries in Streets, each with two-line summaries which are handy.

Search the New Mobility Agenda: Clicking here searches the entire content of the New Mobility Agenda and its extensive focus programs.

Search the Web: The usual Google search of the entire Web.

Knoogle New Mobility:
This is our combined search engine which when you pop in your search term scans more than one million pages in some 600 carefully selected specialized international programs, sites and sources that are among the world leaders in the field of sustainable transportation and related areas (including climate issues, environment, technology, land-use planning, etc.)

You will see the Knoogle search engine just to your left. All you have to do is place your search term there and it will lead you from there.

For more on this important research tool click to access .

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