Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cross-Blog Dialogues

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One of the consistent themes of the New Mobility Agenda for a very long time has been the importance of finding ways to "connect the silos" of all the sprawling universe of programs, projects and discussions that are going on in our common area of interest in various corners of this big/small planet. This is not an easy task, but given the high opportunity cost of these dispersed and unconnected efforts, often meriting to be better known, it is certainly one is worth tackling. So off we go.

This section of World Streets is intended to provide an open door for creative two-way interaction on discussions and issues that are taking place on other blogs and program sites. If you have suggestions, it would be much appreciated if you would leave them in the Comments section just below.

For the record, another tool for "silo connecting" of the Agenda is the specialized Knoogle New Mobility browser which you can pick up by clicking here.

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