Sunday, January 11, 2009

CrossBlog Dialogues

One of the more significant things holding back development of sustainable transportation policy and practices is the fact that by its very nature the field is one that sprawls all over the planet and involves a very large number of players of different types. And this in turn leads to the problem of "siloing" of information in various specialized areas and corners, often at significant opportunity cost.

One of the primary goals of World Streets is to take advantage of the information available to our wide international network, and the ability of our colleagues to sort out to bring to our attention the exception information which is needed for decision-making purposes.

With this in view, we have created this particular section in order to pick out from time to time issues which are being looked at in useful ways for our readers on other blogs and programs on the Web. The criteria for selection are the same that apply for all content here.

In this context it may be useful to remind the reader that one of the collaborative Projects of the New Mobility Agenda over the last year has been the creation of a specialized combines search engine, Knoogle New Mobility, which searches more than 1 million targeted pages on the web for information directly related to our shared interests. You can pick it up at

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