Sunday, January 11, 2009


If you scroll to the Archives section in the menu on the top left bar, you will find a listing of the titles of all articles posted to this blog since January 2003. The listing for the current month in each case scrolls to show the titles of all items posted during that period.

Unfortunately at this point we are unable to get the previous month and year listings to come up with the full title details for the period in the left menu bar. But we are working on this because it strikes us as a useful tool.

Likewise we hope to be able to present all articles with extracts of the first several lines of each posting, to give the reader a first lead to deciding if this is something which you may or may not wish to pursue.

As an interim work-around, we invite you to use our combined search engine just to your top left. It calls up a Google search of Streets (or if you prefer the entire New Mobility Agenda, or the whole web) together with the top two lines from the entry. Can be handy.

Stay tuned. We are working on it.

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