Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Light on World Streets: Next Steps

World Streets: Insights and discussion points from leading thinkers and practitioners around the world.

World Streets, the world's first independent sustainable transportation daily, is about to complete its first trimester of activity, so we thought this would be a good time to address one of the important building blocks of this effort, notably the potential for collaboration and exchange among colleagues and groups who care deeply about these matters.
For a quick overview of postings and contributions since opening day on March 2 2009, a click here to bring you to three PDF files provide summaries of entries by month. But certainly the best way to view the journal is to go directly to the front page at .

Thus far we have had several dozen high quality contributions from collaborators joining in from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States.

A very wide range of articles have come in from these diverse sources reporting on exemplary projects, problems, services, tools, innovative programs, public policies (good and bad), demonstrations, media, events, partnerships, and a variety of approaches for strategic planning and implementation. Again the goal in each case is to point to things that are going on in many corners of the world which somehow are exemplary and hold meaning for all those in search of new ideas and approaches.

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We are off to a strong start, but we now need to do more and better -- hence this invitation to you to consider how you to can get on board to help create a journal and a network which is going to be more useful yet. Here are some of the areas in which your thoughts, contributions and counsel are invited:
1. Suggest topics for future articles, contributions, contributors
2. Send on news – Events, projects, conferences, that our readers should know about
3. Comments - You will see that room is left for comments at the end of each article
4. Delivery: Help make Streets better known. Tell your contacts and lists who share our concerns
5. Links: To date we are linked to 97 leading international sources. Can you help complete?
6. Author guidelines: Click here
7. World Eyes on the Street /Sentinels – Check them out here and see how to get involved.
8. Help put Plan B to work – Plan A is not working . So let's work on Plan B and put it to work.
9. Support: Get behind Streets and help us to keep going. Click here to Support World Streets
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Beyond all this there is one other broad area of potential collaboration which I very much hope we shall start to examine and exploit now. This involves the prospect of direct collaboration at the level of specific city or regional projects or programs, in which individual members or combinations can be somehow be brought in to extend your planning and problem-solving efforts, in areas in which their international skills and competence may be useful to round out your local capabilities. We are already seeing examples of this, and in closing I would simply like to ask you to bear in mind that this is neither a one-way street nor a passive example of international networking and collaboration. It is an active toolset and I very much hope you will make full use of it when the opportunity presents itself.

Eric Britton, Editor
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