Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Honk! Help April (help us)

Dear Photographers, Artists and Eyes on the Street colleagues worldwide,

Our friend April Streeter, an environmental journalist, mother of two young cyclists, and Eyes on the Street Sentinel from Gothenburg Sweden is in the process of preparing a book which is focusing on urban women cyclists in all the very different corners of our often hard-to-cycle-in world.

- Photo credit: Eric Tenin, Paris

If women of all ages cannot cycle safely and wearing a minimum of Lycra, then we will have failed out to meet our goals of fair mobility, social justice and quality of life.

She would like to invite you to submit photographs or drawings that you think may be a great addition to this terrific project, and while she is not in a position to pay for your rights would be pleased to provide full acknowledgment as appropriate.

I guess this would work out best if either you send her high-quality digital files, or the URL direct to your Flickr or other photography sites along with a word of permission as is needed and appropriate. Or via Skype.

April’s e-mail address is april.streeter@gmail.com. Skype: april2462 And appreciated if you might copy to us here at editor@Worldstreets.org .

I look forward to this with real interest. Help April help us all.

Eric Britton, Editor

Photo credit (Looking for it. To follow)

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