Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honk! Ms. Veronica Moss, lobbyist

From our ever busy friends over at StreetFilms, two and a half minutes with Ms. Veronica Moss, convinced SUV-ist, unbending defender of her right to the road, and apparently lobbyist in the corridors of power in Washington DC. Try it with your morning tea break. (Only in America, right? Oh? )

* Click here to listen to Miss Moss make her case.

StreetFilms intro:

Ever wonder what folks working for sustainable transportation at the federal level are up against on K Street? For this Streetfilms exclusive event, we were granted unfettered access to Veronica Moss, lobbyist for Automobile Users Trade Organization (AUTO). Veronica gave us a few precious moments inside her SUV to talk about roads, traffic, cyclists, and big cities. After instructing us on proper honking techniques for "old people" and children, she also offered up some choice bons mots. Here's a sample:

"People need to be able to drive their cars - that's an American right. Right?"

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