Friday, May 8, 2009

Ruas do Mundo? Read Streets in Portuguese today

What? Getting tired of reading all this stuff in English every day? Want to travel the world in your mind? So why don't you take a break from the old anglo world and have a look at how World Streets looks in Portuguese. Dance baby dance.

Click here to read Streets in Portuguese today

What? Prefer to try another language? No problem. Here are more choices you can jump to from here with a single click:

* French –
* German–
* Italian –
* English –
* Spanish–
Want more? Check out the language link on the left menu, which will give you a chance to read on in Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Russian. Or Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Korean, Swedish too. World Streets you know.

Still not enough. Well, go to Google Translate or Bablefish and they will help you out.

Language is not quite the barrier it once was. But we still have the barriers in our minds. Ingest one quick translate copy World Streets with your morning coffee and some of those barriers will disappear too.

World Streets. Understandable in any language.

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