Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We invite you to support World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda in the way you find most appropriate.

Direct bank transfers:

Billing details for a wire transfer:

Account Holder: Association EcoPlan International
Account no. 00010465401
Crédit Industriel et Commercial de Paris
Succursale BR (Montparnasse)
202 Blvd. Raspail / 75014 Paris, France
IBAN : FR76 3006 6106 2100 0104 6540 105

Paypal or credit card:

To contribute by credit card or PayPal, please click the Support icon immediately below. (If you need help or additional payment instructions for other transfers click here).

Your initiative will be helpful in several ways.
  • By making a contribution - large or small - you are sending us a strong signal that what we are doing has value.
  • Your contributions will help us to fund the diversity of our existing programs at the quality level and frequency you are used to.
  • Despite the many volunteers working with us, our programs are still costly to run and require an annual budget of approximately EUR 100,000. An active contributor base helps us equally to turn to the foundations, agencies, and individuals that can make more sizable contributions to help us make-up a budget shortfall.
But there is possibly an even more important reason for you to make your voice heard in this way. World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda are voices of the sustainable cities movement that have an international role and high visibility, including in your country and city. If you can help register strong votes of support for these new approaches in this way (and we are talking about the smallest symbolic contribution that technology permits), this message is going to have even stronger international impact.

Some of you have asked how much to give. My short answer is to each according to their means and commitment to our shared concerns. Or I could suggest using a Streets equivalent:
  • A bottle of Bordeaux (say $20.00 or so)?
  • That next tank of gasoline you save just by thinking about it. (Might that be around $50.00?)
  • Something that signals your active support and desire to get behind this so it sticks.
What is most important at this point is for you to sign on with your concrete expression of interest and concern. That first dollar is where it all starts.
The one dollar (Euro) gift. We all have times in our lives in which money is a scarce commodity. But even if . . . find a dollar to show your support. Stand up and be counted. You will be glad you did and we will put it to work.
Eyes on the Street: : But there is more to this than money. What about pitching in and join our World Eyes on the Street Observatory?. No obligation, no time required (and no pay), but we do want you to at least be looking and thinking about it. More on Eyes at http://newmobilityagenda.blogspot.com/2009/03/world-streets-correspondents.html (And not only that, the company is terrific.)

Other forms of support: If you are able to offer technical help or tools, editorial or reporting services, media or communications support, or wish to get involved in the outreach projects, please get in touch. There is a lot of work involved in making this a world level contribution to sustainable development and social justice. Also you may wish to have a look at http://newmobilityagenda.blogspot.com/2009/01/problemssuggestions.html to have an idea of work in progress and areas in which help is needed.

Fees: Several friends have asked why we do not simply charge for the information and services our various New Mobility programs render. My answer to that is simple. Since we started these collaborative networking projects, starting in 1988, we decided that everything that comes out of this collaborative work should be entirely free. We wish to remain faithful to this principle.

Advertising: Others have made the good suggestion that we should develop additional revenues in support of the sites by bringing in advertising. In a world of ubiquitous advertising, we wish to keep these programs not just free, but free from commercial messages. With your help and support, and that of like-minded individuals, we will remain faithful to these principles and continue to offer quality programs that will help ensure the sustainability of our cities and lives.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and support - we couldn't do this without you!

Eric Britton
Managing Editor

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