Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad News Department is really great idea!

Bad News Department is really great idea! I can say it as a contributor to various magazines (mainly cycling and popular-scientific ones) with 25 years of experience. "Bad news is a good news" approach is popular rather between the evening papers, but who don't likes gossiping?

From the other hand, early alert may help to take countermeasures -- be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Recently I have had in my Department a meeting about the Public Bike project with people from Public Transport Authority. What have been their first words? "The mass loss of Velib bikes forces us to rethink the idea of..."

And -- thanks to the Bad News Department -- I could tell them: "Don't get used too much to this idea. The news is highly exaggerated. We will make our plan real". They were not very happy -- I've got a feeling thet they'll start the project just for to write a report: "Running the PBS is non possible".

We'll see...

Marek Utkin
Warsaw, Poland

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