Monday, March 9, 2009

Greening New York: City edition, March 2009

We decided to make the month of March one of heavy traffic between New York City and World Streets.

After years of growing civic involvement pushing hard toward more sustainable transportation arrangements in a city and region long dominated by cars, and held back by a highly resistant tradition-bound administration and political establishment, the City has come out of the doldrums in the last couple of years and is now making progress toward engaging a major new mobility overhaul.

This process, this often bumpy road, is in our view of sufficient interest that it should be made more broadly known to the international community. Any time a city series engages the challenge of making the move toward more sustainable transportation, this has to be of interest to other cities and groups around the world who were looking for good examples and ideas to fire their own transition.

And as always the traffic will run in two ways, and we know that it is going to be interesting too to see how others with deep experience in their own cities see and share their lessons and thoughts with colleagues in New York.

You can follow these exchanges real-time each day by going to our good search engine and popping in "Greening of New York" into the Streets section. If you have subscribed to the New Mobility Café (, you will receive them as they appear. You will also receive highlights in the "This Week on World Streets" summaries.

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