Monday, July 27, 2009

Walking to School - Italian style

"Piedibus" -- "Walking Bus" in Italian -- is the first article posted from our newly-born sister publication, Nuova Mobilità. And to open up our minds to the big and varied world out there, here it is in the original Italian -- with a convenient one click link to a workable if not perfect machine translation into English. If you want to know, you will know. Buon appetito.

- Enrico Bonfatti reporting from Bergamo, Italy
* Click here to read the Italian original. (In own window)

* Here for the rough English machine translation:

* And here for our article of 22 July introducing and explaining plans for the Nuova Mobilità sustainable transport daily in Italy.
Editor's note:

This is the category -- children, schools -- which is very important as a new mobility tool on a number of grounds and is therefore one to which we shall be getting considerable attention in the months and years ahead.

This first posting on Piedibus in Italy will shortly be followed by reports from "Walk to School", "Safe Routes to School" and similar national programs in Europe and North America, and, to the extent to which we can find them, in other parts of the world as well.

It is truly impossible to get too much of this great idea. So thank you Enrico Bonfatti from Nuova Mobilità and to you Massimo Vassallo from Piedibus were taking be time and trouble to report to us on these developments in Italy.

Some handy international references:
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* UK "Walk to School" initiative --
* International Walk to School in the USA --
* Safe Routes to School -
* Safe Routes to School (Canada) -
* Feet First Walk to School (New Zealand) -
* To search all our Key Links & Sources for related sites - here

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