Friday, July 17, 2009

Carsharing start-up in Sao Paulo makes it an even 1000

When we completed a periodic cleanup of the World Carshare cities list to take out some redundancies this morning, we had it pared down to an even 999. Then the postman brought us this letter from . . . Sao Paulo.

From: "Felipe C. Barroso"
Date: July 17, 2009
Subject: Carsharing Launch in Brazil

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

After some six months of preparation, we launched yesterday (15/07/09) Zazcar a Carsharing Operation in Sao Paulo Brazil ( ). It is the first of its kind in the country. To put up such an operation, something so new, a lot of help is needed. I write this e-mail to somehow thank all those involved in this project and its preparation, and recognize that without your knowledge and contribution we would be sailing in deep dark waters. Today, despite the challenge that we face, we feel confident thanks to hundreds of hours of software programming, brand and name polls, website and marketing campaign reviews, technology tests, call center training and much more with which you have collaborated. The result of all this belongs also to you.

Special thanks to my wife and family, who backed up the idea since it was presented and whose support was indispensable. Special thanks also to our partners, who embraced this project as their own.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank my team at Zazcar and Icaro Locadora, Daniella Barbosa de Almeida, Caroline Freire and Luciano Hernandes da Silva and the team at AGF. I'm sure you share the feeling of fulfillment and excitement I sense now.

Best regards,

Felipe C. Barroso
* Click here to check out Zazcar (and practice your Portuguese)

- - -

Editor's note:
We hope to work with Felipe and the others behind this project to provide a more complete story, not only of their start up but also of the ins and outs of how you make carsharing work in a mega-city Brazil. Surely no easy task. It's hard to be the first.

* Carsharing cuts CO2, there can be no doubt about that. And lots of carsharing is just what the doctor ordered.

* Protect our planet, Carshare. (Get where you want to go, save money, and meet your neighbors in the process. Win/Win/Win/Win. Hard to beat. )

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  1. João Guilherme Lacerda. São PauloFriday, 17 July, 2009


    Loved the news and was quite excited to have the opportunity of having access to this great system in the city I live. But with their price table they are pretty much killing the whole concept of carsharing. If I've payed to join a club, I would at least expect to pay less than for a normal car rental, and it doesn't seem to be the case. I completely missed the point. As potential costumer, I won't ever join the club with their prices. I would much rather get a cab (and get rid of the hassle of driving in São Paulo) or if a car is really needed, I would rather pay for a conventional car rent, and pay for gas. For all other trips, my bike is still the best option.

    I hope the expertise from people in this list can help Felipe, as for me, I won't be able to help him as a potential client, since his prices seemed unworthy of my commitment as a paying customer in this new carsharing system.

    All the best,

    João Guilherme Lacerda. São Paulo

    Transporte Ativo - São Paulo

  2. Jona Hagen, Rio de Janeiro BrazeilMonday, 20 July, 2009

    Parabéns Felipe, por favor, abra logo no Rio! Abs, Jonas

    Congratulations Felipe, please open soon in Rio! Abs, Jonas

    Jona Hagen, Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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