Friday, July 17, 2009

100th Principal Voice message supporting World Streets

This is a day of big even numbers. The one hundredth World Streets Principal Voice comment came in from Mexico City today. The fact that it comes from a civil engineer with experience in a good range of economic and transportation situations makes it an all the more interesting read.

Supporting statement No. 100

I have found World Streets to be vital in keeping up with the latest and greatest in transport issues around the world. World Streets gathers all the newest reports and succinctly puts them in one place. At the same time, it adds valuable insights and ideas not found anywhere else; it is my “one stop shopping” news source. It deftly cuts out superfluous and inadequate information and is leading the way to make this world a leaner, greener place. It is essential that this news source continues to grow as we enter the “Third Wave” of major transport changes on our precious planet.

Tom Bertulis, PE
Senior Technical Advisor
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
Mexico City

We share Tom's message with you because when we originally invited these comments, almost four weeks ago now, it was our goal to publish the first one hundred that came in --all of course without any editorial modification, letting each person speak with their own voice. This goal is now achieved .

May we encourage you to have a look through the full lot of statements (again most of them are very short), not so much on the grounds of the generally encouraging things they have to say about the quality of World Streets and the importance of our fining way to keep it going, but also because many raise a certain number of questions and challenges for us. And almost all, if you read carefully tell us about their hopes and aspirations.

Thank you Tom. And now encouraged by the quality of this feedback we have decided to keep on going and have set the message thermometer up to 200. So we are open for business and already half way there.

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