Saturday, July 4, 2009

Honk! Selling New Mobility (Carsharing for two)

Here is a short video produced by the new Mobizen carshare start-up in Paris last year which, simple and short as it is, will click with some people and make a point. Have a look first and then let's talk about it.

Click here for passion.

But what is this video doing here?

There may be a fairly large number of people around the world who have deep knowledge about various parts of the new mobility agenda, and there certainly are many good projects and services which are showing the way, but somehow the bottom line results are simply not there. We continue to live in a high-cost, low-choice, high-carbon world. We are not getting the vital messages across. We are simply not selling our ideas.

We live in an era in which few people are willing to read long papers, never mind books or reports, so no matter how much of these we produce they will never in themselves be enough to get the job done. We have to learn to make better uses of media, so here in World Streets we will from time to time be picking out what we regard as interesting examples.

Do you have any good candidates for us? Be sure to share them, perhaps in the Comments section that follows just below.
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