Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get to know your neighbors on World Streets

Over the last 24 hours more than 200 people have checked in to World Streets from the following countries to have a look:

Look at this against the present status of our world Eyes on the Streets map (started only on 5 April and just getting going.)

I kind of wonder what this is telling us.

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  1. hey there! this is just a quick comment to thank/congratulate you all for launching the site, and i have one quick suggestion which is that it might make sense if you had the links to the translations written out in the target language, i.e., 中文简体 (simplified--for mainland china) or 中文繁體 (traditional--for hong kong and taiwan) instead of "Chinese" written in English (actually, to further complicate matters, google translate doesn't make the distinction between traditional and simplified, but yahoo babelfish does)

  2. Thanks so much Jane. So now following your guidelines I have switched from Google to Babelfish, and to "simplified Chinese". Have a look if you will and let me know if this going to be comprehensible? Kind thanks.

    Eric Britton -
    World Streets
    Paris France


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