Monday, April 13, 2009

Letters: Signal priority for city buses

Dear Editor:

Here is a wonderful and useful document from TfL (Transport for London on "Bus pre-signals": a technique used to enable buses to move ahead of queues on the approach to signalised junctions and areas where there is insufficient carriageway width to provide physical measures. (TfL is the integrated body responsible for London’s transport system, under the authority of the city's mayor.)

Whether its prioritising buses on roads that narrow down in to a bottle neck or when one wants buses to pull out from a bus stop in the left lane straight in to the right lane as they need taking a right turn at next junction - An absolute must read.

I pray for the day when something as simple as this hits Indian cities like Mumbai and Pune - hope its sooner than later.

Adhiraj Joglekar
Eyes on the Street correspondent in Mumbai, India

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