Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toolbox: Potential fit between World Streets and Twitter?

We have long believed that a good question can be a lot more useful as a spur for excellence than most of what are often passed off as answers. So in this spirit, and as part of our unending search for new tools for sustainability, let me simply draw your attention to the small reader poll you will see just to your left and invite you to share your views there. Another option is to weigh in just below as a Comment.

Here is some background on Twitter. And here, in case you missed it, on World Streets.

And then if the response and subsequent research proves this worth pursuing further, well we will pursue it. Either ourselves or through the contributions of friends, partners and collaborators who are invited to weigh on what I suspect is a non-trivial question.

Now, your turn to make your voice heard.

The Editor

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