Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1-minute movies

If you click today to the home page of the 2010 Kaohsiung Conference of the World Share/Transport Forum at www.kaohsiung.sharetransport.org, you will see that the organizers have just this morning added the first of an intended new cycle of "1-minute movies" by way of livening up the conference preparations and as a quick introduction to the concepts of sharing in transport as a sustainability strategy. We have long been proponents of the imaginative use of media of all sorts to get the messages of sustainable development and social justice out to a world that is for the most part more puzzled than antagonistic.

It is our dead-serious intention to make use of all the tools and tricks we can lay our hands on to get the basic message of the World Share/Transport Forum program and associated events and conferences across: namely, that we really should be trying to understand better what happens if people start to think more in terms of not things, physical objects, but of services, i.e., whatever it is that they really need.

Our goal in selecting these little films is not to try to convert people in a single minute or two to our priorities and our way of thinking, but rather to familiarize them just a bit in a soft way about the fact that there are, in fact, other ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to getting around in cities. We want to open a few doors, but no pushing.

We intend in this section to provide a certain number of very short videos that in our view can help get these points across. And since many in our audience at Kaohsiung are not familiar with English as their main working language, we shall try to limit ourselves to videos which are image- and not word-heavy. Today you have our first three candidates. Your comments are most welcome. Perhaps you will have some candidates to support the program. If so, you know where to find us.

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