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Kaohsiung 2010: The Third Way of getting around in cities

Share/transport -- the largely uncharted middle ground of low-carbon, high-impact, available-now mobility options that span the broad range that runs between the long dominant poles of "private transport" (albeit on public roads) and "mass transport" (scheduled, fixed-route, usually deficit-financed public services) at the two extremes. The third way of getting around in cities? Come to Kaohsiung in September and let's talk about sharing.

World Streets and the New Mobility Agenda have for a long time been aggressive supporters of the shared transport modes – carsharing, ridesharing, taxisharing, bikesharing, street sharing and the like. So it should surprise no one that we have gotten behind the concept of creating a World Share/Transport Forum and then, as the first major international event, collaborating with the City of Kaohsiung in Taiwan and the Chinese Institute of Transport (CIT) to organize the forthcoming Kaohsiung 2010 Share Transport conference that will be taking place from 16-19 September, in just 48 days from today. Want to follow it or better yet to get involved? Here you will find an introduction to the conference and its main parts, and for more we invite you to check out the website at (Or if you prefer Chinese -

First International Share/Transport Forum –
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan -
16 – 21 September 2010

1. Introduction
If you need milk every day would you buy a cow? Of course not -- anyway, where would you park your cow?

Why therefore do we insist on owning a car when what we actually want is mobility? Instead of parking hassles, with carsharing we have the use a car when we need it, but none of the tribulations or costs of ownership.

In some of the world’s most successful and livable cities, we are already entering into a world of new mobility practices that are changing the transportation landscape. It has to do with sharing, as opposed to outright ownership.

The city of Kaohsiung together with an international team from the Chinese Institute of Transport (CIT) and supported by the New Mobility Partnerships is organising three-day international forum to take place from 16 - 19 September 2010, in which professionals working at the leading edge of these matters will come together from a number of countries, to examine together the concept and practice of sharing transport in the 21st century -- and to discuss future applications for Taiwan, China, Asia and beyond.

Who should attend -

  • Researchers, city administration, operators, large public sector employers, activists, NGOs, students, media, and suppliers to the sector

  • From Taiwan, China, South-East Asia and all others interested

  • Language: Chinese/English. Full translation of all sessions

Website/Details: and (Chinese)

"On the whole, you find wealth more in use than in ownership."
- Aristotle. ca. 350 BC

2. Kaohsiung welcomes first World Share/Transport Forum

The Mayor and City Council of Kaohsiung are pleased to announce their hosting of the first World Share/Transport Forum from 16 to 19 September this year.

Transport sharing is an important worldwide trend, one that is already starting to reshape at least parts of some of our cities. It is a movement at the leading edge of our most successful (and wealthiest and livable) cities, but one which as yet is poorly understood.

The World Forum in Kaohsiung - the first of its kind – is bringing together leading thinkers and share/transport practitioners and authorities from across Taiwan, Asia and the world, to examine the concept of shared transport (as opposed to individual ownership) from a multi-disciplinary perspective, with a strong international and Chinese-speaking contingent.

The conference will delve into innovative trends and accomplishments of specific shared transport modes and their potential applications in the Taiwanese and East Asian context.

  • How can carsharing succeed in Taiwan and China?

  • Can ridesharing systems be developed for Taiwanese commuters?

  • Has bikesharing in Kaohsiung and Taipei been a success -- and are there lessons from abroad to improve their operation?

  • How can we include the taxi as a vital element of public transport?

  • Share/Transport strategies for larger employers: Worker well-being and cost savings

  • Redesigning city streets for new (shared) uses

  • What are links between Share/Transport, public transport and city planning?

  • What potential do innovative ICT applications offer Share/Transport?

These are some of the questions that leading international experts are coming to Kaohsiung to discuss at the conference. Contributors thus far include representatives from public agencies, universities, research teams, public service groups and operators from China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the USA, and of course Taiwan.

Places are limited. Discounts available for CIT members, Students and Early Bird bookings.

To book your place please complete the registration form overleaf or see further details at

3. Conference program

Thursday, 16th September. International Conference Hall

09:00 Opening session : Share/Transport in the 21st century: Who is going to take the lead?

  • Welcome Speeches (3)

Keynote addresses:

  • What is S/T - International state of the art overview. Eric Britton (France/USA)

  • Why Share/Transport in Taiwan and Asia? Jason Chang (Taiwan)

  • Share transport and public health - WHO rep. to be confirmed

  • Work plan for conference and associated events Susan Lin (Taiwan)

11:00~12:30 Session I: Carsharing (Car clubs in Britain.)
Session leaders: Michael Glotz-Richter, Germany. Lewis Chen, Singapore.

14:00~15:30 Session II: Ridesharing/Employer Share/Transport
Session leaders: Ali Clabburn (UK). Rory McMullan (UK/Taiwan)

16:00~17:30 Session III: Bikesharing (Public bicycle systems)
Session leaders: Eric Britton (France/USA). H.W. Chang (Taiwan)

Friday, 17th September. International Conference Hall

09:00~10:30 Session IV: DRTS and Taxi Sharing
Session leaders: (To follow)

11:00~12:30 Session V: Street-sharing. Integrating private, public and share transport in the city
Session leaders: Dorothy Chan (Hong Kong). David Ta-Wei Poo (Taiwan.) Paul Barter (Singapore)

14:00~15:30 Session VI: ICT applications for sharing transportation
Session leaders: Taka Morikawa (Japan). Jason Chang (Taiwan)

16:00~17:30 Session VII. The Fine Art of Sharing in transport: Behavior, communications, policy and practice
Session leaders: CarlosFelipe Pardo (Colombia). Paul Barter (Singapore). Eric Britton (France/USA).

17:30~18:30 Session VIII. Young researcher/cooperative program
Session leaders: Enrico Bonfatti (Italy). Rory McMullan (UK/Taiwan)

Saturday, 18th September. International Conference Hall

09:00~10:30 Session IX: Conclusions, Recommendations, Closing Strategy, Next Steps
Session leaders: CarlosFelipe Pardo (Colombia). Jason Chang (Taiwan).

11:00~12:30 Session X: Mayor's Roundtable
Moderator: David Ta-Wei Poo (Taiwan)
(Invitational event. Contact Help Desk for application.)

14:00~15:00 Session XI: Creating a New Mobility Management platform/network in Chinese
Session leaders: Enrico Bonfatti (Italy). Rory McMullan (UK/Taiwan)

15:30: Kaohsiung City visits (Details to be announced)

Sunday, 19th September. Kaohsiung Car Free Day

4. Speakers/Panelists

The Kaohsiung Task Force is the interdisciplinary expert team behind the conference, including the distinguished international speakers, contributors, lead panelists, and those directly involved in the organization of the event.

5. Conference Booking Form

Please book me for delegate participation in the 2010 World Share/Transport Forum

[ ___ ] Full Conference participation: 16-18 Sept. 2010

[ ___ ] Request invitation to Mayor's Round Table: 18 Sept. (Invitational event. Places limited)

[ ___ ] I plan to participate in the Kaohsiung Car Free Day ceremonies - 19 Sept.

Delegate Details

Name: __________________________________________________

Position: ________________________________________________

Organization: _____________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

Tel: ____________________ Email: ___________________________


  • I will need accommodation for the nights of [ _______ _________ ]

Payment Details

I enclose a check / please invoice me to the above address. Please make all checks payable to CIT - Chinese Institute of Transportation

  • Early registration (before 1 September) TWD - 3,250.00 (US$ 100.00)

  • After 1 September: TWD 5,000.00 (US$ 150.00)

  • Kaohsiung residents - apply for free entry to following address

  • Students: Supply proof of current registration

To book or if you require further information please contact international project coordinator:
Rory McMullan - Tel. +44 (0) 7916 342 135 Skype: roryer

For online bookings please see -

· Has bikesharing in Kaohsiung and Taipei been a success, and are there lessons from abroad to improve their operation?

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