Sunday, August 22, 2010

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As of late June, we started to test and develop another -- and we believe considerably improved -- website and software platform for World Streets which you can now access freely at For all these weeks and until such time that we were completely satisfied with advantages of the new structure, we maintained the two in rough parallel. But as of today we now are ready to cut the link and formally move over the entire journal and its databases and working tools once and for all to the new address.

We hope you enjoy the new World Streets, find it a real improvement in clarity and usability, and as always that you will keep us informed of your thoughts, suggestions and proposals for what is, after all, the world's only independent sustainable transport collaborative newspaper.

But not to forget, there is a lot more to the New Mobility Agenda than just World Streets, so by way of reminder let us also draw your attention to the following projects and programs:

* The first international conference of the World Share/Transport Forum – which is taking place in Kaohsiung from 16 – 19 September. And if you can't join us in Kaohsiung, be sure that you check out the program at (and if you prefer Chinese at

* The New Mobility Partnerships collaborative program, for which you will find all the main details at

* The World Carshare Consortium – since 1999 at

* World Transport – the discussion group and site behind the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice at

* The venerable World Car Free Days collaborative – at

* Value Capture/Tax Reform Forum at and its highly contentious discussion group at

All of these programs are continuing as indicated, and we hope we shall be seeing you there.

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* Twitter at

Eric Britton,
Managing Editor

| Skype: newmobility | +331 7550 3788 | 8, rue Jospeh Bara | Paris 75006 France

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