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XCars and Carsharing on World Streets: 2009 - 2014


The 2014 work program focuses on carsharing, but not limited to this one new form of car use.  Coverage of different main forms: Traditional, One-way,  P2P and private.  Carsharing by its various names and different forms is one of the fastest-growing new ways of getting around in cities and outlying areas for day-to-day travel. Over the last decade it has increasingly proven itself to be an effective mobility option, serving thousands of cities on all continents.

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A key element of an integrated mobility strategy for people and for cities, carsharing is a thrifty transport mode and largely self-financing. People choose to carshare not because they are obliged to but because it offers a choice. They do it because they see it as a better, more economical way to get around for a portion of their trips. Properly positioned it has shown that it can offer significant potential for energy savings, pollution reduction, space savings on the street, and reduced requirement for expensive public investments in infrastructure to support cars and/or conventional public transport.

World Streets has published more than 200 articles on xCars and carsharing by contributing authors reporting on developments, barriers, visions and strategies for more than thirty countries on all continents. It also offers direct links to several supporting projects and sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and several collaborative libraries.

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