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Dutch Carshare Operators in 2014

More than three quarters of the municipalities in the Netherlands are currently netherlands witkar smallserved by carshare operators (as opposed to 11% in 2002). The following listing has been compiled with the help of several friends and colleagues in the Netherlands, helping us  to identify all of the carshare operators currently offering "traditional", P2P or one-way services. This listing is part of the in-process "Going Dutch" project which got underway in December 2013 and  has been introduced here on World Streets.

Dutch Carshare Operators in 2014

Traditional carsharing


One-way carsharing


  • Vereniging Gedeeld Autogebruik (supports private carsharing initiatives) - http://www.autodate.nlw

  • Several companies offering services for company shared cars

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Growth of Carsharing in the Netherlands: # cars

netherlands carshare growth 2008 - 2013

About the project:

The 2013/14 Going Dutch project aims to inform local and national government in the Netherlands on latest developments in the fast-growing field of carsharing, in an attempt to put this relatively recent concept into a broader strategic planning frame. While it is intended specifically to inform and aid policy and decision makers at the level of local government, the report draws extensively on international experience and is intended to be useful to both Dutch and others concerned with these issues.

The project is being carried out  under the leadership of the KpVV:  (Kennisplatform Verkeer en Vervoer --Knowledge Platform for Mobility and Transport).  The KpVV supports local and regional authorities in their efforts to develop and implement mobility and transport policy by providing practical know-how, developing reports and guidelines, arranging meetings, and setting up networks. For more:

Eric Britton is participating as principal investigator and policy counsel for the project.

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[1] Note: Some of these are very small and new. Thanks to Friso Metz, Marco Martens, and Jan Borghius for their help in nailing down this list.

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