Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dead End in Brazil: Interview with Bolivar Torres, O Globo Brazil.

This is a video transcript of a 20 November 2013 interview with Bolivar Torres, Brazil Sao Paulo Traffic congestionBrazilian journalist with O Globo, a leading Brazilian newspaper.  Topic: Notably unsustainable transportation and trends in Brazilian cities -- seen from an international perspective. What to do? How to move from today's failing and inconsistent ad hoc policies which are not getting at the roots of the problems? Perhaps toward a New Mobility Agenda?  And what in anything might be introduced in time to improve traffic and life quality conditions for all during the coming World Cup and Olympics? (Much of this is going to be very familiar to Penangites.)


What is this?

In this case the reporter is sitting next to a phone in Rio de Janeiro while I am in my office in Lyon. We gave ourselves half an hour for the interview and prepped it with a couple of email exchanges and one short phone call.  (Skype was not an option for him in his office.). If you would like to see the article that resulted from this exchange, send me an email via Eric.Britton@EcoPlan.org and I will be sure to get you the reference.

Now . . .why am I posting this admittedly somewhat disorganized clip here? Well because I think it can be helpful for such interviews rather than simply by doing them by phone or Skype with a recorder in hand, the reporter has access in this way to not only the verbal content of the interview but also all of the body language, intonations and hesitations that are part of this means of communication. So, if it is not particularly interesting as a source of information or insight in itself, it can be useful as a professional eight in situations like this. Of course I leave it to you to come to your own conclusions about the usefulness of something like this.

And if you have any thoughts in this you would like to share with me, please do via Eric.Britton@EcoPlan.org. Thank you.

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Bolivar Torres - Brazil-smallerYou will find a short profile on Mr. Bolivar Torres at  http://about.me/bolivartorres who is also an active environmentalist

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