Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sustainable Transport Conundrum (2)

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  1. Life is an unfunded mandate. Mobility and transport demand is unlimited, so how does sustainability, undefined, apply? It seems that an overall planetary budget needs to be established, within which efficiency would be required to meet needs short and long term. (someone may have done this) Sustainability as a relative value isn't much of a stick. Some sort of planetary household budget for infrastructure, maintenance, equipment and operation would give a benchmark and be a reference. Sustainability as living within some benchmark is needed. The transportation and mobility budget is x%. If you have more time than money, you walk. Humanity has more time than resources. Technology is not free. The complexity is increased by the system itself and proprietary goals to capture markets. . Speed limits must be enforced. Community values need to determine what part of resources go to one's/our moving about. Freedom to move needs to be a value as well.


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