Sunday, February 10, 2013

Seven wishes from World Streets for China in the Year of the Snake

chinese new year 2013 - Gong Xi Fa CaiGong Xi Fa Cai Transport in Cities:

May the Year of the Snake be the year in which China no longer follows the old tired paths of the twentieth century, but shows the world new ways to tackle city mobility improvement with striking on-street examples of affordable and efficient ways to move into a new era of harmony and transportation with a human face.

chinese 7Here are our seven wishes for efficiency, harmony and mobility in Chinese cities in this Year of the Snake.

1.    The Chinese Bicycle Renaissance -- For all the good reasons that the readers here  can well imagine: Efficiency, Economy, Environment and Health.

2.    BRT: Bus Rapid Transit - China can now lead the world in variety, experimentation and new forms of transit priority in cities

3.    DRT: Demand responsive transit -- This excellent and largely unexplored 21st century mobility alternative needs world level leadership and examples.

4.    Beautiful Tramways - A beautiful, silent and safe way to see and move about in your city.

5.    Full cost pricing, combined with economic instruments for reducing congestion in, to and from cities

6.    No-Exception Speed Reductions -- to 15/30/50 km/hour on all city streets and roads, reinforced by street architecture, roundabouts and electronics

7.    Make this the Year of the Woman in Transport in China -- Honor women as more important targets for best and fairest mobility services in their day to day lives. Honor women as leaders in the transportation and public policy communities. Honor women for the wisdom and long vision that they bring to men.

PB- china-27nov12
And finally . .  in the Year of the Snake, may China surprise us all in some beautiful and unexpected way

For World Streets.

Eric Britton
Managing Editor
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