Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Can you judge a city by its street furniture?

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Street furniture.  Put it like that and it sounds a bit banal, like a detail. A choice that may or may not seem to be of much important.  Not really "necessary" and perhaps even an unaffordabel luxury for a city at a time of limited budgets. But good street furniture -- and even more great street furniture -- is a sign of a city that cares. A public space, public comfort  project that anyone can use without having to pay a dime.  And with it we suddenly are moving into a new social space.

So perhaps not surprisingly we are looking for lead authors and collaborators to work with our World Streets Editions 2013 program to help us create a world-level independent overview and guidebook on this specific topic, which sets out for  mayors and local government (the target audience of this series) the main arguments, the information they need to know, and more generally decision guidance so that they can take their first steps with confidence as they move ahead on their new street furniture program.

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If you would like to pursue this,  please get in touch and we can send our program notes for World Streets Editions to you as a first step

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