Friday, February 1, 2013

Rosie the Riveter, on Wheels

woman bikke to work - andy singer-larger

Contributed by Andy Singer.

Andy Singer is an American artist and political activist with a penchant for withering commentary on technology fixes and thoughtless and often destructive modern industrial life. He lives in Saint Paul Minnesota.  As a freelance cartoonist and illustrator he has been drawing and publishing cartoons for over 20 years in books, magazines, newspapers, websites, bus ads, flyers, film, TV, and just about any other medium where it’s possible to display an image. You can see some of his most recent cartoons on his website at

Some of our readers will recognize his model, Rosie the Riveter. Rosie   is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories during World War II. These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military. Rosie the Riveter is commonly used as a symbol of feminism and women's economic power. (Wikipedia extract)

Good choice Andy!

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