Wednesday, January 30, 2013


click-to-fix example of photoFor my colleagues in the city of Lyon, I am trying to give them a reference for an app which permits citizens to identify and report on problems on the streets in very specific and convenient ways.  Here is how it might/should work:

  1. You spot a problem on the street, sidewalk or in public space more generally.

  2. Pull out your mobile with GPS (should also have some kind of work around for those who don't have)

  3. You click to APP.

  4. Take pic of the problem area

  5. Communicate this with one click to the online software package/virtual control center.

  6. The center now knows who you are, where you were,  the time of transmission and the picture of the problem

  7. Provision also for comments.

  8. All of this gets channeled into an Open Map with the necessary dates and other key information, now available for all to see, including the city and respective responsible services.

  9. The latter may make a note about when and how the intend to repair (and if at all and then why if not).

  10. All of this is available for all to see freely.

  11. An occasional sweep-up of the map may be well advised and it is important to be clear as to who, how does it?

There are a number of things that exist along these lines but I do not have a clear view of them.  So if any of you out there can advise me and the city of Lyon about places to look for more, this would be most appreciated. (I would also like to do a piece in World Streets on this.)

For the records and if needed, my contact information: T. +339 8326 9459| M. +336 5088 0787  | E.   |  S. newmobility

PS. There is something along these lines in New Haven Connecticut which you can see at

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