Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Early References on Free Public Transport

This list is taken from the 2010 posting provided by the Free public transportation Debate at http://debatepedia.idebate.org/en/index.php/Debate:_Free_public_transportation. It needs to be updated but still is a useful point of reference, along with the latest Wikipedia entry at Free Public Transport. Please send us your updates either as Comments here, or to editor@worldstreets.org. Thank you.


-        "Why free public transport", The Understandascope

-        Free Public Transit

-        Free Public Transit Blog

-        Wikipedia on Free Public Transport

-        World Streets on Free Public Transit


-        Gauteng Free Public Transport Day



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-        "The Free Transit Report", Nurture New York's Nature, USA

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-        Movimento Passe Livre, Brazil

-        Supprimons les tarifs de transport, Canada

-        Zero-Fare, Canada


-        Independent Public Inquiry - Sydney's Long Term Public Transport Plan, May 30, 2010


-        "The case for free public transport", Green Left, Australia

-        Adelaide's Free Transport Services, Australia

-        "Make public transport free and people will make the switch", Socialist Alliance, Australia

-        Fare Free, New Zealand

-        "A Case for Free Comfortable Public Transport?", Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center

-        Reynolds, Julia, "Zero-fare Public Transport", Australia

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-        "Response to the Draft Strategy from Carlton Residents Association", Melbourne Transport Strategy, Australia

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