Monday, November 19, 2012

Brief: Sydney takes a big step to support carsharing on its streets

Brief: Carsharing set to take up another 300 parking slots in Sydney - on top of the 450 spaces it already holds on the city's streets streets that privately owned cars are banned from using. Lord Mayor Clover Moore has revealed Sydney City Council's target to get 10 per cent of residents into a car share program by 2014 is on track, with up to 300 new members a month. Of those, a third are businesses and the remainder residents.    -->Click here for full text

This is definitely worth a quick read and slow thought, pointing up as it does what is without the slightest doubt the right policy decision when it comes to providing low-cost if not free parking for cars or vehicles in cities, but all of that in front of the existential and political agony of the screams of local residents and local business.  That is one reason why, if you want an easy life, you definitely should not run for mayor.  Let us keep an eye on Sydney.

  -->Click here for full text

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