Friday, April 8, 2011

Italians are moving less. But using public transport more

The economic crisis combined with the rising cost of fuel has caused significant changes in travel behavior of Italians -- is what emerges from the year-end economic report Audimob of 2010 of the Observatory on Mobility Behavior of the Italian National Institute for Training and Research for Transport (ISFORT)

During the past year there has been a general decline in mobility and a marked increase in the use of public transport, both in terms of passenger-km modal share. At the expense of all other modes shift is motorized or not, but above the car. A signal to keep in mind, since we are in times of crisis, and then cuts in public funding ...

(From Nuova Mobilità of this date, in machine translation. For original in Italian please click here.)

(Principal categories in table: piedi, bici = walking, cycling. Mezzi publici = public transport. Rest should be clear.)

Note that despite the decrease of mobility time taken by travel is increasing, likely signaling the overall deterioration of our transportation systems.

The full report can be downloaded in pdf here: (In Italian)


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