Saturday, April 16, 2011

Honk! Cars, People and the Planet. It's a Wonderful World (Have a stupid weekend)

Have you ever given any thought to trying to imagine just how dumb some people think we are? My guess is that the good people of Hyundai have laid out serious money for this little film, without giving much thought to IQ's.  So we can only assume that they have done this for our weekend viewing pleasure. What can we say?  Well, thank you.

Dear Hyundai,

Please don't get mad. We really do want you to do your best to make transportation means that will get us around in our daily lives in ways that are lighter on our planet. That's important work. But please, do not allow your grasping mediocre advertising agencies to sell you on ideas which are as deeply antisocial, mean and dumb as this.  You don't need that. All you have to do is tell the truth.

Eric Britton

Editor and head of the Stupid Weekend department at World Streets

# # #

Where do our excellent Stupid Weekend nominations come from? All over the world. Places such as you see on this map which shows where readers came in from to World Streets this morning. This one came in today from an international Border Monitor working in a country going through a period of international conflict.  That surprized us. Sometimes it really is a wonderful world.

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