Friday, June 12, 2009

World Streets greets 2009 Cities for Mobility World Congress

Greetings from World Streets to our City of Stuttgart friends on the occasion of their forthcoming 2009 Cities for Mobility World Congress.

* Click here for 2009 Congress program.

The 3rd World Congress of Cities for Mobility will be held from 14 - 16 June 2009 in the city of Stuttgart. The event addresses municipalities, public transport and private companies, universities and NGOs. The main focus will be laid on the social dimension of transport with special attention on the provision of mobility opportunities for motorized and non-motorized traffic users. For more click to

We look forward to your reporting back on your findings and recommendations for next steps. We understand that you are going to have more than four hundred participants with very strong representation from cities across all continents of the Global South. We hope that they will be forthcoming in their views as well and will be pleased to air selected commentaries and reports from them in these pages.

By the way, today's World Streets' editorial -- Reducing Transportation's Carbon Consumption - Plan B -- is very much in line with the basic theme of your conference, and you may also find some value in the Comments from colleagues round the world that are coming in to challenge and complement it.

Best wishes from us all for your well deserved success next week.

Eric Britton
Editor, World Streets

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