Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reducing transportation's carbon consumption - Comments

Last Thursday, 11 June, we posted here an advanced working draft of a proposal and recommendations for a joint work program of the US Dept of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency in our area of expertise -- to be submitted after peer review here, and subsequent amendment, to the public site of organized by the National Journal in Washington DC where expert opinion is being gathered in a broad-based collaborative effort to provide high profile information and insights for the incoming Obama policy teams in those two important institutions.

The original question posed by the National Journal team can be found here. along with all the responses to be posted as of this date. Our original draft posting of 11 June here.

* Click here for Comments and peer discussion as of this date. (Recommended!)

Our continuous challenge here, and beyond, is how can we help assemble the ideas, energies, and expertise of the broadest range of sources and views to help inform and guide public policy. While the other half of democracy is active citizenry, it is not always so evident how to achieve that. Each of us has to do their part.

This process of public consultation and open peer review of which you have one exmaple here is one we take very seriously, and if you have the time and taste to dig in here you will see why. As editor I find that this interactive process of mutually challenging our ideas is one of the great strengths of this World Streets project.

And you, of course, are invited to add your comments to the above.

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