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World Streets/Monthly Report - April 2010

We are aware that most of our busy readers do not have the time to check into World Streets on a daily basis. For that reason we make available to our subscribers and sponsors in addition to the daily edition, a monthly summary which brings together in one place all postings and comments in a manner in which the busy reader can scan the month's titles in a few lines and make a decision as to whether or not to call up and read the full article. Time-efficient communication in an overload world.

* * * The monthly reports are intended for supporting subscribers and sponsors. They are also being developed in other language editions. * * *
April 2010, the month that was:
Another busy month on World Streets: 26 original articles coming in from colleagues and collaborators from Australia (several this month), Britain Canada, China, France, India, Japan, South Korea, and the US -- all of which are summarized briefly and then with a single click our available to you in the following pages.

New project: World Streets on Facebook:
We are not Facebook experts, but nonetheless it seems that this is a communications tool that might be put to work in support of the sustainable transportation agenda. So with the help of our colleague Anzir Boodoo, we have set up a first stage site/interface which you can access today via We invite you to have a look, use as your interest and skill level permit, and, better yet, lend a hand and help us to do better.

Latest reader map:
And here you can see where the last eighty visitors came from. Generally representative of overall pattern, but from day to day with considerable variations. Our goal for 2010: bring in all those great white swaths.

How to obtain a copy of the April report:

The monthly editions are available through the World Streets Forum to registered subscribers, collaborators, sponsors and others whom they invite to share these findings. The Forum provides a handy way to sign in and to make sure that you are efficiently informed in a concise manner concerning all articles and postings that appear in the pages of the journal.

* Click here to check out the Forum. (Access to contents is available to members.) To sign up - a quick e-mail to identifying yourself by name, institutional affiliation 1f any, city, country, and preferred e-mail or other contact information will do the trick.

Freely available in May - thanks to the Swedish Transportation Administration
To celebrate the generous support of our program by the Swedish Transportation Administration, the full April report is being made available exceptionally to anyone who comes to the site asks for it. Don't be shy. Just say thanks to the Swedes.

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