Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Appleyard, Crépeau, Jacobs, Monderman, Whyte

Adams, Aeron-Thomas, Axelsson, Barter, Baupin, Bendixson, Borghuis, Brawer, Brook, Brugmann, Burwell, Cervero, Clabburn, Crist, Daros, Gehl, Glotz-Richter, Goldschmidt, Gorton, Hillman . . .

John Adams
Amy Aeron-Thomas
Jillian Anable
Tracey Axelsson
Paul Barter
Denis Baupin
Terrence Bendixson
Earl Blumenauer
Jan Borghuis
Wendy Brawer
David Brook
Keith Buchan
Dan Burden
David Burwell
Jeb Brugmann
Robert Cervero
Philippe Crist
Ali Clabburn
Michel Crépeau
Eduardo J. Daros
Elizabeth Deakin
David Engwicht
Jan Gehl
Michael Glotz-Richter
Neil Goldschmidt
Phil Goodwin
Mark Gorton
Olof Gunnarsson
Mayer Hillman
Tony Hiss
Walter Hook
Jane Jacobs
Stephen Joseph
Fred Kent
Jeff Kenworthy
Hermann Knoflacher
Corinne Lepage
Jaime Lerner
Todd Litman
Ken Livingstone
Alice Maynard
Paul Mees
Loic Mignotte
Paige Mitchell
Dinesh Mohan
Hans Monderman
Rolf Monheim
Claire Morissette
Lee Myung-Bak
Peter Newman
Enrique Peñalosa
Tim Pharoah
Stephen Plowden
Michael Replogle
Roland Ries
Benoît Robert
Gabriel Roth
Fred Salvucci
Luud Schimmelpennink
Lee Schipper
Jean-Baptist Schmider
Donald Shoup
Lynn Sloman
Dan Sperling
John Stewart
Michael Thomson
Rodney Tolley
Pascal van den Noort
Ellen Vanderslice
Jim Walker
John Whitelegg
William H. Whyte
Roelof Wittink
Sue Zielinski

Editor's note:
This is, as many of our readers will quickly apprehend, something of a wide-open, collaborative, do-it-ourselves kit, to which your comments, questions, additions and eventual nominations are cordially invited to complete the job.

Our readers will understand who these people are and, I am sure, why they are here. For those who may not: these are some of the extraordinary creative people who over the last decades have led the way in the uphill fight to sustainable transportation, sustainable cities and sustainable lives. They have served this great cause by their exceptional clarity of vision, sense of deeper responsibility, ability to apply common sense to complex technical and institutional challenges, capacity for constructive dissent, exceptional tenacity when less committed souls would have given up and moved on to other things, and by their example. They have been active as agents of change on the street.

We have definite plans for moving from here, but thought that in a first phase, rather than digging into the details of our proposal, to use this simple and certainly incomplete listing as an opening shot and with it spur to your imagination and eventual participation. World Streets is after all a collaborative.

I look forward with real interest to what happens from here.

We all need heroes.

The editor

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