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Passion is great; financial support makes the passion available for the long term.

After five months of proving its worth day after day, bringing carefully selected news, expert views, comments and leads to the desks of more than sixty thousand visitors from some forty countries on all continents, World Streets is now reaching out to get active subscriber support. A nominal contribution is all it takes.
* Before you take this any further, you may wish to have a look at what our readers are saying about World Streets and how it is fitting in with their daily work routines and quest for new ideas and perspectives. Click here for more -
1. Subscription information
2. How to transfer funds
3. If you are not in a position to pay?
4. 2009 List of Supporting Subscribers (with note of thanks)
5. Recent visitor map

1. Subscription information

We invite you to support World Streets in the way you find most appropriate.

Individual subscription
World Streets is a public interest publication which, as a matter of policy, we make freely available to all who are looking to understand, support, and contribute to the sustainability agenda anywhere in the world. We firmly believe that there should be no barriers, and especially not commercial ones, to the free circulation of news, tools, counsel and peer exchanges when it comes to important issues of sustainable development and social justice. Students, people working in the developing countries, volunteer organizations, unfunded local or public interest groups and others of limited means are invited to come in and enjoy the benefits of the journal without payment. For those who use it and can afford it, we ask that they step up to do their part. (To receive a free subscription, we would ask you to email us a short note with your name, city, country. And, if you wish, somthing about your work and interests in this area. Thanks for the courtesy.))
* Suggested contribution: EUR 29.00 (USD 39.00)

Subscribers have full access to all sections of the site, and as well receive the monthly summary report. You also for your money get a guided tour to Vélib, Mobilien (BRT), "breathing streets", our "political tramway" and the other remarkable highlights of the ongoing process of sustainable transport innovation in Paris when your travels bring you here. Also, we are here to answer your questions and review eventual problems or projects with you by email or Skype. It is very much an active subscription.
Note: If you chose you are welcome to donate more than the nominal subscription. That's a big help and we appreciate these votes of support.

2. How to transfer funds:

Make immediate payment via Paypal or credit card:
Payment by Paypal is simple and fast:
(1) Click
(2) Enter your account (or set one up quickly (and safely) as indicated).
(3) Click "send money".
(4) Address:
(5) Amount.
(6) Click "Personal".
(7) Click "Gift".
(8) Thank you for helping World Streets to continue in 2010.
PayPal also has provision for paying by credit card. It is fairly well explained on the site.

To make direct bank wire transfers:
Account Holder: Association EcoPlan International
Account no. 00010465401
Crédit Industriel et Commercial de Paris
Succursale BR (Montparnasse)
202 Blvd. Raspail / 75014 Paris, France
IBAN : FR76 3006 6106 2100 0104 6540 105

If you prefer to send a check direct our mailing address is:
Association EcoPlan International
8/10, rue Joseph Bara
F75006 Paris, France
Kindly make your check payable to "Association EcoPlan International".

3. And if you are not in a position to pay?

We are well aware that a fair number of our readers, particularly those working in the poorer developing countries and unfunded local environment and transport groups, cannot easily afford this amount. To you we have three messages of solidarity.

First, no problem! Please continue to come into World Streets and make use of the hard work of all of us who are pitching in here. We need you to carry on with your work and contributions, after all that is what this is all about. And if we can help you in this way, so much the better.

Second, we invite you to keep an eye on what is going on in your city and country, and when appropriate let us know of projects, problems, accomplishments, which will help us all to better understand the full complexity of our shared task. One excellent way to do this, is to sign in to the World Eyes on the Street network, for which full details are available if you click here.

Finally, it would be great if you would send us a simple email message telling us that you are making use of all this work. And perhaps a few suggestions and reactions for us to consider as we strike to do better. Also, if we have a large number of these messages of support, this will help in our search for longer term funding to support this work. After all, we have to be sustainable too. (Click here to add your message of support.)

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4. 2009 Supporting Subscribers

And finally our sincerest thanks to the first group of you who have already pitched in and helped us get this far. Donations for subscriptions have varied from one dollar from some students (important as a symbol, we asked them for that) up to several hundreds of dollars from a handful of generous colleagues who have stepped forward to help).

Over these first five months we have received paid in subscriptions and other support from the following friends and colleagues around the world.

* Austria: Karl-Heinz Posch

* Brazil: Felipe Barroso, Igor Garcia

* Canada: Zvi Leve, Ruediger Six, Christopher Sumpton, Susan Zielinski

* Colombia: Carlos Felipe Pardo

* Denmark: Per-Homann Jespersen

* France: France B, Benoit Beroud, Philippe Crist, Nicolas le-Douarec, J-Baptiste Schmider, Wolfgang Zuckermann

* Germany: Odile Schwarz-Herion

* Iceland: Morten Lange

* India: Sujit Patwardhan

* Israel: Alon Rozen

* Italy: Enrico Bonfatti

* Mexico: Tomas Bertulis

* Netherlands: Emil Möller, Dirk van Dijl, SL Saalmink

* New Zeeland: Paul Minett

* Singapore: Chu Wa

* Spain: Igor Abreu, Dirk Bogaert, Mikel Murga

* Sweden: Peter Ekenger, April Streeter

* UK: Anzir Boodoo, Mark Braund, Tim Caswell, Peter Maxwell, Richard Peace, Stephen Plowden, Dave Wetzel,

* USA: Michael Alba, Boris Berenfeld, Donald Brackenbush, Wendy Brawer, Dave Brook, Robin Chase, Roy Chase, Allen Damon, Yona Freemark, David Greenstein, Paul Kilduff, Jerry McIntire, Jason Meinzer Roy Russel, Lee Schipper, Matthew Thyer, Jarett Walker, Lewis Wolman

(Can you spot your country there? Your name?)

And while it covers only a small part of what we need to be able to continue publication, it is extremely encouraging. Thank you for showing your support and solidarity.

Eric Britton

5. Recent visitor map:

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  1. Simon Norton, Cambridge UKTuesday, 08 September, 2009

    I have a suggestion for a filter for advertising on the World Streets site. It
    is called Eric. Eric, why can't you stipulate that any advertising must be
    approved by yourself before it is allowed to appear on your site ?

    Advertisers could include public transport operators and local transport

    Simon Norton, Cambridge UK


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