Thursday, June 18, 2009

Media! Information led transportation - Check this out

Our friends from over at Zipcar sent us this little three minute video yesterday which we gladly share with you, with a couple of thoughts in mind. It shows how they have worked with the iPhone team in order to provide you with a couple-of-click interface for finding, ordering, entering etc your short term rental car. Very nice!

But what is of more interest to us is the underlying concept, that of providing you with a first rate in-the-pocket interface between the means of transportation and the way to get hold of it. What this spells out in capitals is that we are going to see these kinds of applications for all carriers coming on very fast now, and if you stay up with Google’s work on this, you will see that the noose is closing.

Let’s see now, you can use it for a shared car, a shared bike, a taxi, and of course the list will go on very fast indeed. This is a strong argument for the future, a more sustainable transport future if only we get it right. Which is the job of governance.

Now let's have a look at their video.

"At Apple's WWDC in San Francisco, Luke Schneider of Zipcar shows off a new application for the iPhone. The new software enables Zipcar users to find and reserve the nearest available vehicle on a city map. It also sports a feature that will beep the horn of the reserved Zipcar and unlock it when the user is close by."


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