Thursday, June 4, 2009

Honk! Mind traffic (Almost your car)

Honk! Let’s reach out a bit to see if we and you can open up our mental space with drawings, photos, photographs, videos, jokes, too long stories, what have you . . . each of which intended to help us by using that other and perhaps more clever side of our brain to get perspective or possibly some new ideas about our very serious topics: sustainable transportation, sustainable cities, and sustainable lives.

You are invited to share with us your ideas and materials for this new World Streets column that will appear weekly, and from time to time a bit more often. (We have to be careful not to abuse.)

A good place to post you idea is via the Comment tool just below. Alternatively send them directly to the editor at

And here is our first-ever Honk! just to get you going. A 42 second video clip prepared by the Mobizen carshare company here in Paris as part of a campaign to get across the idea that carsharing is just a bit different from the old way we used to do it, and that Mobizen understands. To check it out for yourself: Click here.

(You may be surprised how well you understand French.)

* Click here to call up all Honks! to this date.

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