Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fair Use on World Streets:

It is the 21st century and information in its various forms travels faster, wider and more freely than ever before. All that is excellent of courrse, but it also by its very nature creates ambiguities and issues of intellectual property which are at this point far from being resolved. In a virtual (and free) publication such as World Streets, in which we are ever on the lookout for information and insights from many sources in many places, we do from time to time serve as a relay point for articles and publications which have been created by others.

It is our firm policy in all such cases to fully cite the source and to provide direct linkage to the original for those of our readers wish to get it from the horse's mouth, a great and prudent practice.

It may also be relevant in this case to note that none of the work or publications of the New Mobility Agenda have ever since our origin in 1988 carried a price tag, a fundamental underpinning of our working and sharing philosophy.

In any event, if any of our readers, or maybe somebody's lawyers, can suggest how we might improve on this policy, please get in touch with our ever-diligent editor He answers his mail.

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