Friday, March 22, 2013

Faces of Transportation Equity: Natasha Harrell

This video is one of a series that appear in the YouTube site of the Transportation Equity Network – TEN - a project of the Gamaliel Foundation, a faith-based organization with regional affiliates around the United States and 350+ member organizations. For details go to

Additional background is available at

A particular  concern of this program is in providing improved conditions of transport to work, school, health and social services, above all for minority groups, poorer people and the unemployed.

Editor's comment:

Are you listening? Not only the time that it takes her children to get to school, and the cost relative to her possibilities, but they arrive in school hungary. Because in the world's greatest economy, there are mothers cannot afford to feed their children three times a day. So they go to school hungary.

The Finns, then a very poor country, learned early that hungary children have a hard time learning. So they fed them. How hard is that?

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