Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heads-up: To avoid duplicate mailings from Facebook

Heads-up: To avoid duplicate mailings from Facebook

Dear Patient Reader,

overloaded inboxTo avoid duplicate mailings from our various programs and fora, it may be useful to note the difference between our two main FB pages at (1) and (2)  The former posts only information that appears in World Streets (, while the latter includes all these but also contains other pieces, heads-up and observations from our vigilant editor.

For the record the former currently has 555 signed-in readers, while the latter as of this date counts 1,542.  (Also for the record World Streets itself currently has 1,304 signed-in readers.)

We recommend that you avoid signing in to both to avoid unwanted duplication.
Note: If you wish to see the full list of related Facebook sites with their specific focus and interests, you will find them neatly listed in the left hand column of World Streets, if you scroll down a bit.

PS. Here is what our Recent Visitor Map looked like this morning.


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