Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crowdsourcing Equity/Transport/ Helsinki

What are, say, the five questions concerning transport and equity (and Helsinki) that you would like to have me ask in your behalf in Helsinki starting tomorrow in our first Stakeholder/Peer Group Dialogues? Maybe easiest if you might give me your list  via eric.britton@ecoplan.org 

It would also be good if you could also pop in your signature block (name, position, institution, city, etc.) so that we can properly acknowledge your ideas. You will see how this plays out in the crowdsource sections on the  site here. Thanks if this works for you. And keep your eye on Equity.

Eric Britton

PS. When I sent this out first this morning to test the water with a handful of friends with deep expertise in the field of sustainable transport policy and practice in different parts of the world, an interesting and I think meaningful thing occurred. Every one of those who responded was not able to stop with five salient points as suggested. To a man/woman they all offered up six. Now THAT is already a message.

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