Friday, October 8, 2010

Thread: Is peer-to-peer carsharing going anywhere?

"Peer-to-peer carsharing" (P2P C/S) sounded to me for quite some time like a new mobility concept that was unlikely to go very far. The idea that, instead of a perfectly functional car rental service or a local carshare operation for people who might need a car for a bit, there might also be a niche in the market for people willing to share their own cars on a regular basis with others (for the most part strangers!), sounded to me at least like a well-intentioned 1970's peace-and-love idea warmed over. But . . . I have of late been talking to some people who are more open in their thinking about P2P than I am/was -- including several who are actually trying to make it work. So I am beginning to revise my thoughts. In a very big way, in fact. Let's follow this thread together.

More to follow, but just in case you have yet to dig into this topic, here is a short list of P2P C/S projects that are making their way:

  • City Carshare, USA

  • DriveMyCar, Australia

  • Gettaround, USA

  • Go-Op, USA

  • RelayRides, USA

  • Spride, USA

  • WhipCar, UK

  • Wombat Car Club, UK

Dave Brook had a good introductory piece on the current state of play in the industry which you can check out at

You will know more, most probably. Comments, references and articles most welcome.

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