Monday, October 25, 2010

Carsharing in Sweden: 2010 Update

This latest country survey from Sweden provides and update and excellent coverage of the carshare situation there, thanks to Per Schillander of the SRA. More than 18,000 registered drivers, almost 60 different programs, and at last count 573 vehicles. You will want to read this in parallel with his comprehensive report from last winter: Car Sharing in Sweden in 2010

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Dear all,

Here in the attached PDS are the Swedish figures on car sharing for 2010. Small figures, big growth, substantial impact. To summarize:

- Types: Cooperatives, (other) Non-Profit Orgs, For-Profit Orgs, respectively.

- Households: actual data and some rough estimations.

- Company customers: subscribed companies, often small ones.

- Total drivers: total drivers subscribed to the scheme.

- Cars: the actual number of cars. (The most valid figure for monitoring the business.)

- Country statistics: the bold figures on the bottom line tell us the size of the business.

- Meets TA standards: five quality standards/criteria (since 2003):

• A legal entity as administrator

• At least 6 drivers per car

• Adequate accounting practices and statistics

• Vehicles owned by a legal entity

• No cars are older than 4 years. All cars have at least 4 stars in EuroNCAP.

- Part of : Fulfilling our criteria AND cooperating on the site.

- City Car Club: only rough figures and for households only from 2009, all aggregated on one row.

- Sun Fleet: no figures for households. Figures for company customers and drivers aggregated for all Sweden on one row.

- Ratio: the drivers/cars ratio. There are some uncertainties in the cells, so watch out. Ratios for each scheme could be more relevant.

Feel free to ask me anything else.

Best regards

Per Schillander

Expert on Car sharing & Ride sharing
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Transport Administration 405 33 Gothenburg Sweden

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About the author:

Per Schillander: Master of science, 30 years of experiences in different tasks in environment and transport areas. Employed by the Swedish road administration since 1998, as a small part national expert on car sharing. All year cyclist (southern Sweden). Big lover of music, sailing, wildlife etc. A never resting improver of house, garden, mind and society.

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