Saturday, December 5, 2009

COP15: Getting transport into the climate agenda
Why get in the middle of a cat fight when you don't have to.

Lee Shipper has challenged the thought expressed in today's feature article concerning the importance of finding ways to bring the sustainable transport agenda into higher much relief in the COP15 climate negotiations just about to get underway. His point -- maybe a better idea not to do this at all -- is one on which we would like to invite your comments here.

Schipper writes on this date: COP15: Getting transport into the climate agenda

AS one of the creators of this agenda, let me promote it by pointing out that the basic paradigm STARTS with sustainable transportation and reaps CO2 savings as a co-benefit.

The greatest problem for the COP is that there are few key transport system stakeholders there at any time. That, in my humble opinion, may be a reason NOT to put transport into the climate agenda.

Rather, put climate into the transport agenda and keep transport out of the reaches of the bitterly divided debate that is already apparent here in Copenhagen, where the police appear to be preparing for an onslaught.

We cannot solve long-term problems of transport and land use in the more narrow confines of an overheated debate over CO2, however important that CO2 problem is looming.

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