Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York City DOT explains Bike Lanes in the Big Apple

Check out this video by Elizabeth Press of which explains the theory and some of the details the broad lines of New York City's on-going program for protecting cyclists from traffic. You may wish to use it as a first checklist for your city's efforts. This process of vivacious cross-learning from others is a hallmark of the on-going worldwide city bike revolution.

"Bike lanes: In some cities people are literally dying to have them and some people go so far as to mark their own. Here in New York City, it feels like every time I get on my bike there is a new bike lane - sometimes on the left, sometimes buffered, and sometimes completely separated from automobile traffic.

To understand these lanes, I had the opportunity to go for a ride with the NYC DOT bicycle boys. They explained the classes of bike lanes and showed off some of these inventive facilities.

You can use Ride the City to find a safe bike route in New York City and watch this video to see what lanes are used on your route.

A good video to view if:
- Your city needs bike infrastructure
- Your city needs more or innovative bike facilities and they are not doing experimentation in design
- If you want to show people in your neighborhood and community what is going on in NYC and the benefits to bike amenities."

* Click here to call up this 5 minute video.

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The Streetfilms Team: Clarence Eckerson
, Elizabeth Press and Robin Urban Smith


Elizabeth Press came to StreetFilms in 2007 after four years as a producer for the independent TV/Radio program, Democracy Now! She received her MFA in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a focus on community media. While working on her thesis, Elizabeth spent a year teaching youth video in the Dominican Republic on a Fulbright Scholarship. Her videos have screened in festivals all over the world. You will usually find Elizabeth commuting on her second-hand spectrum bicycle.

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